The name Intelliris comes from a combination of two latin roots (intel — intelligent and iris — eye, pupil). It means «intelligent, farsighted view». This is what our company offers to client in the healthcare industry — our knowledge, experience, expert assessment and insights will aid your decision-making process.

Our mission

At Intelliris we provide information services, analytical support, strategic consulting and turnkey solutions for business, helping pharmaceutical and medical companies discover and realize new opportunities on existing and potential markets.

Our clients

Pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical, biotech and medical companies present or planning to enter Russian and CIS markets. We also provide full range of business development services for companies already present in these geographies.

What we offer

Intelliris team with years of professional experience in TOP companies and a well-developed professional network provides a complete list of business development services based on a reliable analytical platform and real market data.

Why you should work with us

All of our employees have years worked in international pharmaceutical companies in managerial positions in Russia, US and Europe in marketing, sales, business development and government relations. We best understand the business environment, opportunities, limitations, requirements and risks. Our reports and services are at international level of quality in terms of content and format.

We have complete and accurate information for making decisions

We work with many databases and sources, local and global, constantly updated. Our information resources include professionals from the industry — service providers, healthcare officials, patient associations, top level managers within companies. Our staff is multilingual allowing for wide scope of research. We and our partners have established footprint in many geographies.

We have our own professional network

We know key decision-makers in charge of corporate operation, licensing and partnering. We have access to key opinion leaders in medical and regulatory fields to aid with making decisions about product or technology prospects. We can easily conduct necessary market research, polls and surveys in order to support and justify strategic or tactical business decisions.

Our services

Intelliris provides a complete list of business development services based on a reliable analytical platform and real market data.

We can help you create a well-balanced product portfolio based on available resources and company goals (please see OUR SERVICES for details).

Company information

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